Best GoTrax Electric Scooters in 2022

Our ultimate guide helps you find the best GoTrax electric scooters that offer great value for money. GoTrax electric scooters have become incredibly popular among individuals who want a fun, fashionable, and eco-friendly form of transportation on a budget. Whether you are looking for an affordable commuting solution or introducing yourself to a new hobby, we are sure this review will help you find what you need.

Best Overall

GoTrax G4

Longest Range

GoTrax GMAX Ultra

Most Fun

GoTrax G Pro 3


2022: What are the Best Electric Scooters by GoTrax?

The GoTrax electric scooter brand is synonymous with the best budget electric scooters in the market. Owing to the increasing demand for cheap electric scooters, GoTrax has gotten creative with the features and improved the technology on their electric scooters to ensure that there is something for everyone out there.

To ensure we have come up with a list of electric scooters that offer an exhilarating riding experience for amateur and professional riders, we spent countless hours researching and debating the best Gotrax scooters for adults and kids to include on our list.

Without a doubt, this compilation of GoTrax scooters will introduce you to an innovative world of cheap electric scooters that meet your commuting needs. Consulting our list of 5 of the best GoTrax electric scooter models ensures you find a compatible scooter that will be a perfect addition to your lifestyle. For this reason, we have negotiated the best deals for you (our readers). Just follow the links on our selected electric scooters to order.

SUMMARY: The Best GoTrax Electric Scooters in 2022


Electric Scooter


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GoTrax G4



GoTrax XR Elite



GoTrax GMAX Ultra



GoTrax GXL V2



GoTrax G Pro 3


The Best GoTrax Electric Scooters for you to buy in 2022

Now, let us start to dive deep into the five models that made it into the ranking of the best Gotrax electric scooters in 2022.

1. GoTrax G4

Best GoTrax Electric Scooter

GoTrax G4

  • 599.00 $
  • IPX4 Waterproof Rating means riding in light rain won’t be a problem
  • Its top speed of 20mph is amazing
  • Improved battery capacity that boasts 25 miles
  • It has inbuilt security features, like a digital lock
  • Lacks suspension & absorbing shocks
  • Top Speed: 20 mph
  • Range: 25 miles
  • 0-15 mph: 11.3 seconds
  • Weight: 36 lbs
  • Payload: 220 lbs
  • Tires: 10″ pneumatic tires

Finding a complete budget scooter that is not basic or boring does not get better than the GoTrax G4 electric scooter. Check out everything the G4 scooter has to offer in our fully detailed review.

GoTrax is a brand renowned for producing top electric scooters. The G4 is one of their most complete electric scooters you will lay your hands on – for under $500.

First of all, with the GoTrax G4, you do not have to sacrifice range for power. In addition, this electric scooter delivers for those who want a commuting experience that does not compromise on luxuries. With the 36 V 10.4 Ah lithium-ion battery, you get a maximum range of 25 miles on a single charge. For a scooter under $500, this is quite a steal.

Additionally, the GoTrax 350-watt motor delivers pretty high torque, enabling you to break through the 15.5 mph speed limit on most GoTrax scooters. Riders can reach top speeds of up to 20 mph, the fastest in the budget commuter class.

Moreover, the G4 electric scooter has supersized 10-inch pneumatic tires, perfect for off-roading adventures. In addition, the supersized pneumatic tires allow riders of up to 220lbs to manage hills with a 15% incline grade with ease.

Be warned, however: while this is a well-rounded entry-level commuter scooter worthy of all the attention, its weight of 36 lbs can deter some shoppers. To help you manage the weight during your commute, the G4 comes with a foldable mechanism. The riders can fold it down and carry the scooter in public transport.

Final Verdict:

Without a doubt, the GoTrax G4 is an excellent choice for value-driven shoppers who want a solid entry-level electric scooter built for commuting. The G4 is worth its weight, delivering the best-in-class top speed and high performance. If you do not mind the 36 lbs weight, the GoTrax G4 electric scooter is for you.

2. GoTrax XR Elite

2nd Best GoTrax Electric Scooter

GoTrax XR Elite

  • 449.00 $
  • Best scooter for multi-transport commute
  • The dual-brake system is more responsive than most premium scooter models.
  • Bright headlight and rear light, with an additional six reflectors
  • Slightly smaller tires (8.5 inches) compared to the G4’s 10-inch tires
  • Top Speed: 15.5 mph
  • Range: 18.6 miles
  • 0-15 mph: 7.6 seconds
  • Weight: 31.9 lbs
  • Payload: 220 lbs
  • Tires: 8″ pneumatic

Despite the GoTrax XR Elite coming second in line to the G4, it still makes it to almost the top of our list of the best GoTrax electric scooters you can get your hands on. Before the G4, the XR Elite was a firm favorite of commuters everywhere. What makes the XR Elite so much loved among scooterists? The GoTrax XR Elite offers top-notch reliability at an incredible price-to-range ratio.

The XR Elite allows riders to go further than models in the same category, such as the Segway Ninebot E22 electric scooter. Riders can reach 18.6 miles on a single charge- which makes it an alternative for those long-distance commutes.

Besides that, the GoTrax XR Elite scooter can hit a top speed of 15.5 mph thanks to its powerful 300-watt motor. The Elite is a perfect choice for commuters who find a top speed of 20 mph nerve-racking. Also, the electric scooters 15.5 mph speed limit is suitable where pedestrians and other road users in urban commute hinder acceleration.

Additionally, even at a maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds, the 300-watt motor allows XR Elite scooter riders to climb a 15-degree incline easily. The 8.5-inch air-filled tires will give any commuter a more comfortable ride and better balance while absorbing the shock from pesky surface obstacles.

Final Verdict:

Whereas the XR Elite might not offer the same speed and range as its cousin, the G4, the XR Elite scooter is still one of the best budget electric scooters you could get. Of course, with the GoTrax XR Elite scooter, you will travel further than the Apex or XR Ultra. We recommend this electric scooter to beginners and those who find slower speeds while running errands or commuting more appealing.

3. GoTrax GMAX Ultra

3rd Best GoTrax Electric Scooter

GoTrax GMAX Ultra

  • 799.00 $
  • High performance with a maximum range of 45 miles
  • Powerful motor (350 watts) for a maximum speed of 20 mph
  • 10-inch air-filled tires for smooth rides on rocky terrain
  • A bit heavier than other GoTrax scooters
  • Top Speed: 20 mph
  • Range: 45 miles
  • 0-15 mph: 7.3 seconds
  • Weight: 46.3 lbs
  • Payload: 220 lbs
  • Tires: 10″ pneumatic

The newest addition to the GoTrax brand that has got scooter enthusiasts excited is the GoTrax GMax electric scooter. Apart from being the most popular GoTrax brand in the market, the GMax rivals top brands like the TurboAnt X7 Pro in terms of new features, including improved headlight, motor noise, a digital lock, cruise control, and a new digital display.

Not only has GoTrax listened to customer feedback, but they have also tremendously improved the GMax electric scooter with a huge battery, allowing riders to reach a range of 45 miles (!) even at a maximum weight of 220 pounds.

Moreover, the GMax scooter comes powered by a 350-watt high torque motor to reach top speeds of 20 mph (under optimal conditions), ideal for most speed enthusiasts.

Saying the GMax has some of the best tires in the scooting world is an understatement. This scooter spots 10-inch air-filled (pneumatic tires), which provide riders with the best balance and stability during their commutes or leisure rides.

Final Verdict:

When using this electric scooter, you will see a notable difference in performance and especially range. This scooter is equipped with an incredibly powerful battery, making it perfect for those who want to go the extra mile, quite literally. The GoTrax GMax is the best choice for heavy-duty commuting.

4. GoTrax GXL V2

GoTrax GXL V2

  • 349.00 $
  • Perfect for a short-distance commute.
  • Hand-operated disc brake
  • 8.5-inch air-filled tires for smooth rides on uneven surfaces
  • Light enough to carry anywhere
  • Limited range – only 12 miles
  • Top Speed: 15.5 mph
  • Range: 12 miles
  • 0-15 mph: 10 seconds
  • Weight: 26.45 lbs
  • Payload: 220 lbs
  • Tires: 8.5″ pneumatic

There is a good reason the GXL V2 had to make it into our list of the best GoTrax electric scooters. Apart from being one of the best-selling budget scooters in the market, it comes with excellent features, a sturdy build, and a decent range that takes away the stress of short-distance commutes.

At only 26.45 pounds, this electric scooter is light enough to carry in public transportation or up a flight of stairs by almost everyone. The scooter has a one-touch folding mechanism; this will allow you to easily fold down the scooter, making it perfect for storing under your desk at work.

The most important thing to note here, GoTrax designed the GXL V2 scooter for short-distance rides. The scooter’s 36V 5.2aH battery provides a maximum range of 12 miles per charge, with a recharge time of 4 hours. If you plan on riding further than 12 miles, take a look at the GMax or the G4. However, if you plan to commute around your neighborhood, the V2 is a perfect fit.

Another thing you will love about the GoTrax GXL V2 is the 8.5-inch pneumatic tires. You will be able to clear obstacles along your commuting route with ease. The V2 has a powerful 250-watt motor that ensures the scooter has enough power to propel this scooter at a maximum speed of up to 15.5 mph.

Final Verdict:

The GXL V2 is one of the best-selling GoTrax electric scooters in the market. This scooter is one of the best buys for beginners looking to introduce themselves to the world of electric scooters. The GXL V2 electric scooter is an ideal choice; if you want something functional but inexpensive. You get a smooth ride from a reliable, well-built electric scooter with a price tag of under $400.

5. GoTrax G Pro 3

GoTrax G Pro 3

  • 899.00 $
  • Best scooter for heavy-duty commuting
  • Enough range to take you to work and back home
  • IPX6 waterproofing
  • Weighs 36.5 lbs – challenging for some riders to carry around during a commute
  • Top Speed: 15.5 mph
  • Range: 18 miles
  • 0-15 mph: 5.5 seconds
  • Weight: 36.5 lbs
  • Payload: 220 lbs
  • Tires: 8.5″ pneumatic tire

Lastly, we have the GoTrax G Pro 3. The go-to scooter for most riders who want to do heavy-duty commuting through their local suburb. The powerful 300-watt motor will give you enough thrust for your daily commute. With it, the GoTrax G Pro 3 can peak at speeds of 15.5 mph.

Inside, there’s a 36V 7.8aH battery. A single charge provides you with 18 miles of travel. Unlike the GXL V2, this scooter has IPX6 waterproofing. So no water can damage the inside of the scooter even in extremely heavy rains.

Equipped with a disk braking system, the Gotrax electric scooter G Pro 3 uses convenient hand-operated disc brakes to bring your scooter to a safe and quick stop. Aside from that, it comes with an easy-to-use digital display odometer screen that displays your current speed, battery life, cruise control, headlight status, and digital lock.

Additionally, the 8.5 inches of air-filled tires provide extensive traction and cushioning. Also, the tires are shock absorbent, allowing the scooter to perform better on rocky surfaces.

Final Verdict:

GoTrax designed this scooter to allow you to have a blast traversing through hilly or rocky terrain, limited only by your skills. The G Pro 3 e-scooter is an excellent choice for riders who want quality and top performance, worth every penny!

Conclusion: Which GoTrax Electric Scooter should you buy in 2022?

GoTrax has produced some of the best electric scooters in the market. They continue to carry on the legacy of the leading manufacturer and distributor of cheap electric scooters. We hope this GoTrax scooter review makes it less confusing to pinpoint your requirements and pick the best scooter for yourself.

Out of all the best GoTrax electric scooters that we’ve reviewed, the GoTrax G4 stuck out the most. You will get a better user interface, better value, and more power at an affordable price. This scooter will take you further for less.

With its powerful 350-watt high-torque motor and a 45-mile range, the GoTrax GMax electric scooter is the best electric scooter for heavy-duty commuting. However, some riders may find the scooter (46.3 lbs) a bit bulky.

If you find the GMax bulky, we recommend you to go for the GXL V2 – one of the lightest electric scooters from the GoTrax brand and in general. Its spicy asking price of just under $400 makes the GoTrax GXL V2 an affordable alternative.

With its top speed of 15.5 mph and a riding range of 18 miles, the GoTrax G Pro 3 is the best electric scooter for teens and young adults. Its top speed and driving range are convenient for safely riding around the neighborhood. High ground clearance coupled with a disk braking system makes for a smooth riding experience. With this scooter, you get great value for your money.

Overall, the GoTrax brand provides a solid lineup of scooters. As a scooter brand, they have done a great job with each model. Their scooters ride smoothly, feel sturdy, and provide a solid range and speed at an affordable price.

Whether you are looking for the best GoTrax electric scooter for your daily commute, the best lightweight scooter for kids, or the cheapest model for your teenager, we are happy to assist you through our in-depth best GoTrax electric scooter reviews.

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