Best Cheap Electric Scooters in 2022

This review aims to give you the information you need to find the best cheap electric scooters in 2022 from established brands with a track record of reliability, safety, and after-sales service. We’ve only picked the very best cheap electric scooters currently on the market, which deliver ultimate value for quick trips from A to B without breaking the bank.

Best Cheap Model

GoTrax Apex

Second Best Cheap Model

TurboAnt X7 Pro

Third Best Cheap Model

Hiboy S2


What are the Best Cheap Electric Scooters?

Today, electric scooters have become more popular with people in towns and cities, and there’s a good reason for this. Scooters combine the eco-friendliness and versatility of a bicycle with a motor vehicle’s convenience. Also, electric scooters are ideal for fun rides or commuting.

We spent more than 150 hours researching 7 of the best cheap electric scooters, selected from a field of over 80 models. After looking at several models, we know how challenging choosing the right electric scooter is for a beginner. This ultimate guide will help you buy a scooter on a budget.

Whatever your experience level, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of e-scooters that are perfect for your needs and wallet. This list of 7 of the best cheap electric scooter models ensures you have no problem finding a scooter that can handle the weight of an adult at competitive prices. We’ve negotiated the best deals just for you (our reader). You can order from our selected list by following the links on each scooter.

SUMMARY: The Best Cheap Electric Scooters in 2022


Electric Scooter


Discount Link 


GoTrax Apex



TurboAnt X7 Pro



Hiboy S2



GoTrax GXL V2



Hiboy S2 Pro



Razor E Prime 3



Glion Dolly


The Best Cheap Electric Scooters for you to buy in 2022

Now, let us start to dive deep into the 7 models that made it into the ranking of the best cheap electric scooters in 2022.

1. GoTrax Apex

Best Cheap Electric Scooter 2022

GoTrax Apex

  • 369.99 $
  • Decent stats for EXTREMELY low price
  • Decent shock absorption through 8.5″ tires
  • Excellent safety features and nighttime visibility
  • Lightweight, hence easily portable
  • Slow acceleration
  • Assembly is a little tricky
  • Little range requires frequent charging
  • Top Speed: 15.5 mph
  • Range: 15 miles
  • 0-15 mph: 7.4 seconds
  • Weight: 32.1 lbs
  • Payload: 220 lbs
  • Tires: 8.5″ pneumatic

The GoTrax Apex e-scooter is an upgraded budget-friendly version of the GoTrax brand commuter electric scooter line. GoTrax has cemented its position as the go-to place for affordable e-scooters that are much more capable compared to other scooters at the same price.

The Apex offers outstanding quality at an affordable price. Believe us, no other model costing less than $350 offers such impressive features. For one, the Apex electric scooter’s 8.5-inch pneumatic/air-filled tires add a layer of comfort that makes sailing along cracks and bumps at maximum speed a lot more comfortable.

The performance and specs of the Gotrax Apex aren’t what you’d expect from a budget scooter. The motor delivers up to 250W of power from the 36V 6Ah battery to ensure the scooter has enough power.

Its maximum speed of 15.5 mph is better than what most medium-class electric scooters achieve. The battery has a decent charge time of 4 hours.

The scooter has an IPX4 water resistance rating, making it perfect for light use in wet weather.

The Apex comes with a lightweight build of 32.12 lbs only, just like its predecessors in the GoTrax brand. You can fold it, making it one of the most portable electric scooters on sale.

However, the lightweight build shouldn’t fool you. The Apex can carry a payload of up to 220 pounds, allowing the scooter to keep up with pro-level and medium-level electric scooters.

Final Verdict: Bargain buys don’t get better than the Gotrax Apex. It’s priced like a budget scooter but offers more than you could dream of in terms of riding prospects. The Apex scooter is guaranteed to provide outstanding acceleration, range, top speed, and ride comfort at a low price. When it comes to budget-friendly electric scooters, the Apex is our definite recommendation for budget-conscious electric scooter shoppers.

2. TurboAnt X7 Pro

Second Best Cheap Electric Scooter 2022

TurboAnt X7 Pro

  • 549.98 $
  • Extensive Range of 30+ miles
  • Easily replaceable battery for even more range and stress-free charging
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Large pneumatic wheels
  • Beautiful minimalist design
  • Average acceleration
  • No Smartphone connectivity
  • No suspension system
  • Top Speed: 20 mph
  • Range: 30+ miles
  • 0-15 mph: 7.3 seconds
  • Weight: 33 lbs
  • Payload: 275 lbs
  • Tires: 10″ pneumatic

Turboant found a way to build on the popular X7 with the new Turboant X7 Pro premium electric scooter, which comes with a higher maximum range and larger tires, making it one of the best cheap electric scooters for adults on the market.

This TurboAnt X7 Pro actually made the top of the list for the best electric scooters due to its incredible value for money!

What makes this electric scooter stand out from its peers in the same price range has to be the battery (more on that in a minute) and the powerful 350 Watt motor. You will be able to get up hills with ease and do so comfortably.

An impressive max. speed of 20 mph allows the X7 pro electric scooter to keep up with local traffic and other, more expensive scooters.

The scooter’s 350 Watt motor is run by an interchangeable lithium-ion 36V battery. This Turboant scooter boasts an impressive riding distance of 30 miles. Having a spare battery on you can double or triple your range and erase range anxiety. Also, you don’t need to bring the whole scooter with you when low on power. The X7 Pro’s battery is removable and can be charged separately from the scooter. So convenient!

The TurboAnt X7 Pro huge 10-inch pneumatic tires will handle sidewalks and potholes with ease. The scooter’s larger tires will absorb impact better than smaller wheels or solid wheels. The tire’s grip makes controlling the scooter easy and comfortable.

The Turboant X7 Pro is surprisingly portable, even with its sturdy aluminum frame. You can carry it up the stairs because it folds down easily. If you weigh even up to 275 lbs, you can ride this scooter without affecting performance. The lighter you are the faster you will go.

Final Verdict: For a top-performing electric scooter with the features like the X7 Pro, especially the battery, motor, large wheels and amazing design, you usually have to lay much more money on the table. So to answer the question: What makes the TurboAnt X7 Pro an excellent buy? Well, it’s the overall value for money and versatility of this model. It is reliable, comfortable, and the battery is easily interchangeable, making it the best scooter for commuting to work as well as long fun rides. That’s why we’ve picked the X7 Pro as the best electric scooter under $600.

3. Hiboy S2

Third Best Cheap Electric Scooter 2022

Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter

  • 413.00 $
  • Very good top speed & battery capacity!!
  • Easy to carry
  • Reliable dual braking system
  • Front flashlight and rear backlight
  • LED illumination for safety
  • Average acceleration
  • No suspension system
  • Rubber tires (not pneumatic)
  • Top Speed: 19 mph
  • Range: 17 miles
  • 0-15 mph: 6 seconds
  • Weight: 32 lbs
  • Payload: 220 lbs
  • Tires: 8.5″ solid rubber

The Hiboy S2 electric scooter is a pioneer in the Hiboy brand of electric scooters. The Hiboy S2 offers many high-end features for a budget electric scooter. For starters, you don’t have to compromise on the speed with the S2 reaching a max speed of 19 mph. It will get you where you need to go fast.

The S2 weighs a fairly average 31.9 pounds, and its front post folds down, so you can bring this scooter on board a train or carry it up a flight of stairs. It’s made of durable materials and feels about as sturdy as expensive electric scooters on the market.

Hiboy designed the S2 scooter to be user-friendly and provide riders with every tool they need to navigate long commutes. The Hiboy S2 is equipped with a powerful front LED flashlight, rear LED lights, and reflective LED strips on the side that illuminate the whole road beautifully, making it safe to ride at night.

How does the Hiboy S2 ride? Just like most cheap electric scooters, some factors may affect their performance. The max rider weight for the Hiboy S2 is technically 220 lbs. Even if you exceed the Hiboy S2 max weight figure, it’s still a fun ride. But keep in mind, you’ll have limited range and performance.

Although the Hiboy S2 doesn’t have a robust acceleration like premium electric scooters, it’s quite zippy once it gets going. It has a max speed of 18.6 mph, which is the most you could expect from a 350 Watt motor.

The scooter’s large 8.5-inch solid rubber tires offer decent ground clearance for navigating bumps and curbs. In case you hit a pothole at max speed, the dual rear suspensions mean you’ll have improved shock absorption.

Final Verdict: Flaws aside, the Hiboy S2 is one of the best deals you’ll find on an entry-level electric scooter under $500. It offers decent performance at an affordable price, almost as high-quality as the best electric scooter in the world you may have encountered before. It’s a good one for a beginner and several hundred dollars cheaper to own.

4. GoTrax GXL V2

Gotrax GXL V2 Electric Scooter

  • 299.00 $
  • High-end features, including top notch brakes and pneumatic tires
  • Excellent build quality for a scooter of this price bracket
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Lightweight enough to carry with ease
  • Slow acceleration
  • Very limited range
  • Top Speed: 15.5 mph
  • Range: 12 miles
  • 0-15 mph: 7.4 seconds
  • Weight: 26.45 lbs
  • Payload: 220 lbs
  • Tires: 8.5″ pneumatic

Finding a quality cheap electric scooter under the $300 price range is interesting because such cheap products are usually toys. For toy-like electric scooters, manufacturers tend to skip core features. Not, however, with this model. It is an unbelievably cheap, high-quality electric scooter with all the basic functions one looks for.

Luckily, Gotrax understands cost-cutting doesn’t mean sacrificing on features. The latest addition to the Gotrax brand is the Gotrax GXL V2 which offers a perfect balance between cost and performance. The GXL V2 is the ideal electric scooter for short commuter rides. The scooter weighs 26.45 pounds only, making it light enough to comfortably carry onto a train or bus. Also, it still offers good build quality and a robust 250 Watt motor, the same as in the original GXL version.

The 250-watt motor in the GXL V2 offers reliable cruise control and smooth acceleration to a top speed of 15.5 mph. GoTrax has replaced the relatively laggy e-brake found on the original GXL with a more responsive and safe hand-brake set up on the new GXL V2 model. This will come in handy when you need stopping power the most.

The 36V 5.2aH Battery will give you a range of up to 12 miles riding distance per charge. Admittedly, this is not much. But the GXL V2 scooter is really quick to recharge, which makes up for the limited range.

The e-scooter’s 8.5-inch pneumatic tires provide extra cushioning, ensuring the ride is comfortable enough under most conditions. The pneumatic tires offer good traction and handling even with a rider weight of up to 220 lb.

Final Verdict: This scooter is designed to deliver a comfortable and decently performing riding experience for very little money. We can authoritatively call the GoTrax GXL V2 a proper urban explorer because it gets the job done. The GoTrax GXL V2 electric scooter is ultimately better suited for commuting and short distances rather than fun or long rides.

5. Hiboy S2 Pro

Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter

  • 515.00 $
  • Excellent acceleration
  • Very good top speed
  • Considerable range
  • Large tires for comfort, traction and stability
  • LED display panel shows gear, speed and battery charge
  • Heavier than the other models presented here
  • Solid rubber tires
  • Top Speed: 19 mph
  • Range: 25 miles
  • 0-15 mph: 4.5 seconds
  • Weight: 36.3 lbs
  • Payload: 330 lbs
  • Tires: 10″ solid rubber

The Hiboy brand has some of the best scooters in the market, and the Hiboy S2 Pro is one of their latest upgrades to the Hiboy S2. The S2 Pro comes with high-end features not available in its predecessor. First of all, the Hiboy S2 Pro electric scooter comes with an upgraded 500 Watt performance motor at a value price, making it a great electric scooter for those who want to have quicker rides.

The 500 battery provides enough capacity for a max range of 25 miles and the motor’s torque allows for quick acceleration to reach a speed of 15 mph within 4.5 seconds. This is a super quick spec! The Hiboy S2 Pro also has an automatic cruise control function, activated by maintaining your speed for 5 seconds.

The Hiboy S2 Pro app allows riders to lock the scooter, customize acceleration and braking responses, in addition to selecting sport mode, so you can get the sporty feel of your ride.

However, if your commute involves using public transport, you may find the 36.3 lbs weight to be a factor worth considering. This scooter’s large 10-inch solid tires support rider weight up to 220 lbs and provide nice ground clearance to absorb shock when off-road.

Final Verdict: Overall, you won’t have to do much maintenance of your Hiboy S2 Pro electric scooter because it’s pretty well-built. The bar is collapsible for easy storage in compact spaces and car trunks. If you are a new rider looking for a well-rounded e-scooter that has great speed and acceleration, then the Hiboy S2 Pro is a great choice.

6. Razor E Prime III

Razor E Prime III Electric Scooter

  • 529.00 $
  • INCREDIBLY LIGHT and hence easy to carry around
  • Features a safety lock point
  • Interesting combination of pneumatic and solid rubber tires
  • Smooth design
  • Front tire apparently tedious to fill with air
  • Limited range
  • Top Speed: 18 mph
  • Range: 15 miles
  • 0-15 mph: 5.1 seconds
  • Weight: 24.2 lbs
  • Payload: 220 lbs
  • Tires: 8″ pneumatic + solid rubber

The E Prime III powerful 250-watt motor will take you up to 15 miles on a single charge. This electric scooter is a safe and capable budget electric scooter for riding safely around town.

The E Prime III tops out at 18 mph with enough torque to get you uphill or over steep bumps with ease. And with 50 minutes of continuous use, that’s plenty to get to the store and back.

One feature that sets the E Prime III apart from similar electric scooters is the front 8″ pneumatic front tire and rear 8″ solid tire. This significantly increases shock absorption and drive traction for a smoother, safer, and more enjoyable ride, even with a weight of 220 lbs on rough terrain.

The Razor E Prime III electric scooter folds up nicely and weighs a mere 24.2 pounds, making it light enough to carry around. You’ll need the extra portability for city riding or commutes.

Final Verdict: All in all, the Razor E Prime III fits the bill for a fun and exciting cheap electric scooter for adults and teens. It has decent specs and is extremely lightweight. This E Prime III scooter is great in terms of bang for your buck.

7. Glion Dolly

Glion Dolly Electric Scooter

  • 599.00 $
  • Portable
  • Strong brakes
  • Easy to fold down or up
  • Battery charges quickly
  • Very slow acceleration
  • Clunky design
  • Limited range
  • Top Speed: 15 mph
  • Range: 15 miles
  • 0-15 mph: 9.3 seconds
  • Weight: 28 lbs
  • Payload: 255 lbs
  • Tires: 8.5″ honeycomb rubber

The Glion Dolly is the perfect entry point into Glion’s catalog of electric scooters. Thanks to its 250W motor, the Glion Dolly electric scooter is capable of handling the max rider weight of up to 255 pounds at max speeds of 15 mph, making it a good fit for town folks.

The Dolly electric scooter comes with a vertical self-standing and patented dolly feature that lets you stand it vertically out of the way and roll it like a suitcase, making it easier for those who use public transportation as part of their commute. At 28 pounds and an ultra-folding design, this Glion electric scooter is light enough to carry up a flight of stairs.

The Glion Dolly has 8-inch honeycomb tires, which are maintenance-free. Although the honeycomb tires won’t give you proper shock absorption, when offroading, they grip the pavement pretty well for an efficient and smooth ride on city roads.

Final Verdict: Overall, the Glion Dolly is far from perfect, mainly due to its slow acceleration, but its light weight, unique folding system and value price make it a great choice for budget drivers and commuters. This electric scooter will get you where you need to go, whether it’s sightseeing, running errands, or moving around your neighborhood.

Conclusion: Which Cheap Electric Scooter should you buy in 2022?

If you are a first-time rider, this review will help you find the best cheap electric scooter models for everyday commuting. If you want to buy the cheapest entry-level electric scooter that isn’t a kid’s toy or total garbage, we recommend the Gotrax GXL V2 as the scooter to buy. You can get it for under $300.

One thing synonymous with cheap electric scooters is the limited range. However, the TurboAnt X7 Pro comes with an interchangeable battery that will extend range when swapped out. You will be able to travel further by having a spare battery on you.

Hiboy S2 Pro is by far the best scooter in terms of performance for a scooter in its price range. For under, $600 you get a top-performing scooter with a 500 Watt motor and 10-inch solid rubber tires for those offroad adventures.

Bottom line, whether you’re searching for bargain-performance, basic transportation, top speed, comfort, max range, or straight-up utility, these seven cheap electric scooters for adults deliver proven value.

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