EMicro One Electric Scooter Review

Electric Mobility Guide Review

EMICRO One Electric Scooter

  • Incredibly fast charging
  • Super lightweight and portable
  • Powerful 500W motor
  • Wheels with precision bearings
  • Easily foldable
  • No suspension
  • Not good for slippery surfaces
  • No lights
  • Limited range
  • Top Speed: 16 mph
  • Range: N/A
  • 0-15 mph: 7.5 seconds
  • Weight: 16.5 lbs
  • Payload: N/A
  • Tires: 6″ + 4.3″

The EMicro One is the most popular hybrid electric scooter in the world! This review will show you why and make your purchase much easier.

How does a hybrid electric scooter work?

Well, the motor inside the EMicro One Electric Scooter is engaged by the usual kicking action of the rider. A dependable motion controller then employs the motor for 2-10 seconds. The exact engagement time differs depending upon the kick’s strength.

The incline “Slope support” function ensures that motor support does not diminish on an inclined surface. In other words, the rider does not need to keep kicking on a slope.

Effectively, it feels like riding en electric bike – you keep doing some of the work, but the motor takes care of 90% of the trouble.

The speed is kept under check by a rear-wheel brake. Therefore, with a bit of patience and practice, anyone can unlock the EMicro One Electric Scooter’s full potential.

One of the main selling points of the EMicro One Electric Scooter would be the fast-charging mechanism. According to the official store, the lithium-polymer batteries take just one hour to charge fully.

Another important fact worth noticing is the range that it covers because of the lighter batteries.

The EMicro One Electric Scooter is extremely light and has an intuitive two-button folding mechanism. Quite handy.

In conclusion, the EMicro One Electric Scooter is an eco-friendly, fun beast that gives its users limitless mobility possibilities.

Performance – EMicro One

Top Speed

The EMicro One Electric Scooter comes with three options, namely Eco, Standard, and Sport.

It is capable of 16 mph at 500-watt in the sport mode. The eco mode produces 9-10 mph at 250-watt, and the standard mode offers 12.5 mph at 250-watts.


According to the official store, the EMicro One Electric Scooter is a speed-boosting scooter. In other words, the EMicro One Electric Scooter complements the rider’s kicks and enhances the scooter’s speed.

According to a user’s review the motor only kicks in when the machine reaches 5km/h through kicking. This is the opposite of a zero-start mode, which you sometimes find in non-hybrid scooters. For a hybrid, this mode of acceleration is completely normal.

Kick to start!

Hill Climbing

The EMicro One Electric Scooter has the “slope support” function.

The slope support is an in-built feature that compensates the torque and power upon detecting a slope.

As a result, when the scooter is on an inclined surface, the motor support is automatically increased.

Therefore, the rider doesn’t have to keep kicking to climb a slope. Easy money.


According to the official store, the EMicro One Electric Scooter offers a traveling range of 7.5 miles.

It may not seem like much at a glance. However, taking only 60min to fully charge, you can easily charge it in a break during more extended travels.

Braking & Safety

The rear foot brake is so much more than it appears.

Firstly, it acts as a splash guard on a rainy day. Secondly, it offers a combination of both electric and mechanical brakes. Therefore, providing a much safer braking system.

I personally like the fact that both mechanical and electric brakes can be employed for better speed reduction. Most of the products only offer either the mechanical or the electric brake option.

Unfortunately, braking is only done by stepping onto the rear brake, just as in any kickscooter. Some of us might miss the brake lever on the handlebar that usual electric scooters provide.

But with enough practice, anyone could get used to this setup.

There is another exciting feature involved in the EMicro One Electric Scooter: The foot brake can also be used to completely turn off the motor support by acting as an assistance switch. Just tap it three times and enjoy better control in crowded places.

Ride Quality – EMicro One

Being a kick-boosting scooter, the deck has only enough room for one foot. Therefore, the second foot is left hanging. The textured deck surface provides a relatively good grip.

The EMicro One Electric Scooter has been built with commute in mind. Therefore it is best suitable for roads and paved surfaces. As it lacks a suspension system, the shocks from bumps can not be absorbed completely. Consequently, it would be best if you did not drive it off-road.

Even though the EMicro One Electric Scooter has softcore wheels, it can not handle big bumps, so be aware of where you go.

As the EMicro One Electric Scooter lacks a throttle, one would need to kick a lot to get to his destination.

Hence, this lack of handlebar throttle results in a lot of footwork to go from A to B as compared to fully electric scooters.

Design – EMicro One


The EMicro One Electric Scooter offers a straightforward design.

Firstly, there are no cables to see whatsoever, which is always an aesthetic plus.

Then, it is pretty slim and not clunky, which is also nice.

Apart from that, there is not much to note about the design, except for the signature “Micro” lettering on the handlebar stem.

Portability, Weight & Dimensions – EMicro One

The EMicro One Electric Scooter is extremely portable due to its remarkably light weight and easy two-step folding mechanism.


It only weighs 16.5 lbs which is why it can be easily held in hand when folded and carried around without much trouble. With that, it can hold its ground against any carbon fiber scooter.

The folding mechanism is relatively easy, just pick up the scooter and press the buttons on either side to fold it down. I like the folding mechanism, but the handlebars still protrude outside, which might irritate some people.

In its folded state, the EMicro One Electric Scooter is 30″x19″x9.7″ (Length x Width x Height), and it has a ground clearance of about 1.6″.

The kickstand is quite reliable and has been designed to be stern; it can take a few hits if you forget to retract it before driving off.

Feature Deep Dive – EMicro One


The battery that comes along in the EMicro One Electric Scooter is a 10-cell lithium-polymer battery with an energy capacity of 2.2Ah/85Wh.

It is smaller than most 100Wh batteries, but it allows the scooter to be transported on airplanes.

I personally think this is a huge plus. To be able to ride your kick scooter from the airport to the station is a great option.

The quick rechargeable battery is neatly placed below the kickboard. It only requires sixty minutes to charge fully. The charger provided along with the scooter is lightweight and can be easily stashed inside your backpack.

The battery indicators have been neatly placed on the kickboard. So just look down towards your feet to see it. Note that some consumers claim that the battery indicator on the EMicro One Electric Scooter is not that accurate.


The rear wheel effectively contains and hides the motor. At a glance, no one would be able to guess the presence of an electric motor.


It may seem weird, but it is practical; the motor produces up to 500 watts and has a four-newton meter torque.


The EMicro One Electric Scooter has a dual-core wheel with a 6″ diameter. On the other hand, the rear wheel is only 4.3″ and holds the motor inside.


The precision-bearing guided wheels are not suitable for wet or slippery roads. The rear wheel is soft and smooth with an air core, making it liable for slipping upon sharp turns. So you should be aware of your surroundings before doing any stunts!

Clearly, the EMicro One Electric Scooter is a kick scooter without any suspensions, so the wheels have to be responsible for absorbing minor shocks. But you have to be aware of bigger bumps to avoid damages.

You should avoid using it on wet or slippery roads as the smooth rear tire doesn’t provide much grip, especially if you take sharp turns.


The EMicro One Electric Scooter is simply a kick scooter that boosts the speed provided by the rider’s kick. This passively electric scooter does not enjoy a digitalized cockpit.


The handlebars on the EMicro One Electric Scooter have been reviewed as ergonomic by its users.

Their ergonomic curves make steering relatively easy. They have an adequate width of 19″, which makes steering through the crowd easy. You won’t need to worry about bumping into people.

The length of the handlebar stem is not something to brag about. It can be adjusted from 27.5″ to 37″ according to the user’s height. Therefore, taller people might face some problems getting used to it.


This kick scooter being a passive electric one, lacks any visible electric circuits. Hence, no lights!

Good news: You can easily mount your own light onto the handlebar.

The only set of lights present on the EMicro One Electric Scooter are the battery indicators.


The EMicro One Electric Scooter deck is 15″ in length and 5.5″ in width with a 1,3″ thickness (including batteries), which is wide enough for anyone to fit their feet on it completely.

It allows a great grip, which is owed to its textured surface.

The building material is aircraft grade aluminum, which makes the kickboard solid and less prone to damage.

The deck also houses the lithium polymer batteries for the scooter.

Weight Capacity

If you weigh under 220lbs and desire to ride the EMicro One Electric Scooter, congratulations, you are qualified to use it!

According to the official store the designated weight limit for this scooter is 220lbs. Should you weigh more but are still convinced by the aluminum frame – go ahead and give it a try anyways.


The EMicro One Electric Scooter is made up of aircraft-grade aluminum, which is also entirely rust-free.

The compact kickboard and the splash guard make it somewhat waterproof, but it has no official water resistance rating.

Hence, avoid riding in heavy rainfall.


2016 Eco-Excellence Award in the “Alternative Ride” category.

EMicro One: Review Conclusions

All in all, the EMicro One Electric Scooter is a hybrid electric scooter that is an absolute fun machine and highly utile at the same time.

It can be used for daily commute purposes as it offers 12 hours of battery life and the fast-charging battery takes just about 60 minutes to charge.

It features soft-core tires with a motor packed inside the rear wheel that will boost your kicks and carry you up any hill.

Incredibly fast charging
Powerful 500W motor
Aircraft grade frame material
Ergonomic handlebars
Wheels with precision bearings
Super lightweight
Easily foldable
No suspension
Not good for slippery surfaces
No lights

Thank you for reading this EMicro One Electric Scooter Review all the way to the end! See you in the next review.

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