GoTrax Edge Hoverboard Review

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Gotrax Edge

  • 119.99 $
  • Very Lightweight
  • Exquisite Design with Colorful Lights
  • Excellent Safety
  • Self-Balancing Technology
  • Low Price Tag
  • Limited Range
  • Limited Speed
  • Solid Rubber Tires
  • Top Speed: 6.2 mph
  • Range: 3.1 miles
  • Hill Climbing: Basic
  • Weight: 14.1 lbs
  • Payload: 220 lbs
  • Tires: 6.5″

The new Gotrax Edge Hoverboard is a fun and futuristic self-balancing entry-level scooter that burst onto the scene a while back and quickly became a trendy, must-have toy for adults and kids alike. Its sturdy yet beautiful design comes with more power and extended battery life compared to its predecessors, making it the best bargain hoverboard on the market.

Here’s a helpful review of the Gotrax Edge Hoverboard and why it has earned our judgement as one of the best low priced entry-level hoverboards.

Performance – Gotrax Edge Hoverboard

Top Speed

The Gotrax Edge may not be the fastest board in the market (definitely not), but it allows you to take your adventure to a fun and safe top speed of 6.2 mph.

Gotrax Edge Front View

Even if you’re a kid or first-time rider, pick the board up and get the hang of it within 10 minutes. Then start zooming around your block, or even inside your flat from the bedroom to the living room and to the kitchen.

The price to performance ratio of the Gotrax Edge makes this hoverboard a worthwhile purchase!


You need to realize that the Gotrax Edge is a short-range hoverboard. It’s only able to go around 3.1 miles on a single charge. Afterwards, you’ll have to charge it for 4 to 5 hours.

Nonetheless, it’s expected for a bargain hoverboard to have some drawbacks, and overall the Edge is surely short on range. Consider this the Edge’s major shortcoming. But for an entry-level board, this should not be anything to complain about.

Hill Climbing

With the Gotrax Edge, you don’t have to get off your hoverboard and carry it every time you come across a hill. The motor strength is powerful enough to make ascending uphill a breeze. You won’t even notice you are climbing until you are on top.

Off-Road Performance

If you find yourself going off-road, the Gotrax Edge comes geared with solid rubber 6.5″ LED Wheels that provide a firm grip on most surfaces. The new wheel design on this all-terrain self-balancing hoverboard creates a smoother ride. However, to be fair, the off-roading capabilities cannot be compared to those of heavy-duty hoverboards.

Riding Modes – Gotrax Edge Hoverboard

Riding a hoverboard is scary, especially when you are just starting; you don’t want to find yourself flat on the ground. With the Gotrax Edge hoverboard’s self-balancing mode, you will instantly fall in love riding it just like a pro.

Gotrax Edge Self Balancing Technology

Named self-balancing mode allows the Edge hoverboard to adjust its position when you’re stepping on or off it, making it a safe board to use by kids and elderly people.

Safety – Gotrax Edge Hoverboard

Safety had been a serious issue with some hoverboards. But not the Gotrax Edge. Tested and UL2272 Electrical Certified, the Edge puts riders’ safety – especially that of kids – at the forefront.

The new internal battery enclosure design makes the battery safer and more reliable than most hoverboards. Gotrax keeps things safe, simple, and fun with this hoverboard.

Gotrax Edge Ride Safely

The non-slip footpad on this electric self-balancing board is durable and thicker compared to other bargain hoverboards. Rest easy knowing your kid has better stability and traction while they learn to ride their new hoverboard.

The vibrant LED indicators on the board’s deck and around the frame alert you when the hoverboard’s battery is running low and make you visible to other road users when commuting to work or the grocery store.

Despite all the safety measures, we still recommend you always wear appropriate safety gear and only ride it in safe places with little or no traffic.

Portability: Weight & Dimensions

Weighing in at 14.1 lbs and measuring 22.79 x 7.73 x 7.22 inches, this hoverboard is relatively easy for smaller hands to carry. Also, it handles little feet better than other bargain models, making navigating and turning the hoverboard easy.

Due to its small size and low weight, we consider this hoverboard super portable.

Smartphone Connectivity

You won’t see Bluetooth speakers or smartphone connectivity for playing music or discovering ride statistics while riding the Gotrax Edge hoverboard.

However, to be fair, this is not to be expected from a budget scooter in general.

For a starter hoverboard, with a sturdy and beautiful design, it’s an excellent choice.

Water and Dust Resistance

What sets the Edge apart from quite a few other cheap hoverboards is its IP54 dust and water resistance rating. This means that you can use it even on rainy days/off-road without the fear that the internal electrical components will get wet/dusty.

Weight Capacity

This hoverboard is built with a strong frame and employs a powerful motor, which allows it. to carry and push forward weights of up to 220 pounds.

This makes the Gotrax Edge suitable for kids and adults alike.

Construction – Gotrax Edge Hoverboard


Gotrax Edge wheel from the side

This hoverboard’s 6.5″ high-quality rubber tires make for a relatively smooth ride you and your kids will enjoy. Every time you or your kids use the hoverboard will be a safe and fun experience thanks to the non-slip and shock-absorbing pedals.

To be honest, solid rubber tires are not the best choice, but for this price there is no way one could even think about complaining about this.


Here’s where it gets interesting: The Gotrax Edge hoverboard uses a 2.6Ah lithium-ion battery that is extremely energy efficient, giving you more ride time on a single charge.

Safety was a primary concern among hoverboard enthusiasts in the wake of hoverboard battery fires. The UL-2272 safety certification addresses this issue, and any board with that certification guarantees you peaceful night’s sleep, knowing that your board is safe.

It’s worth pointing out that the Gotrax Edge Hoverboard’s battery is tested and approved to Underwriter Labs Safety Certification. The edge also features a new even safer battery enclosure.


This hoverboard boasts a more robust set of motors than most budget scooters. While most cheaper hoverboards use a pair of 250-watt motors or smaller, the Gotrax Edge hoverboard uses 400 watts instead.


If you want a colorful and bright riding experience, the Edge features vibrant colored LED lighting on the chassis and around the wheels. You will enjoy watching your kids zoom around into the night on their new toy.

Gotrax Edge Lights

The high-intensity LED light allows this electric hoverboard to travel safely and provide fun for the kids.

Gotrax Edge Hoverboard: Review Conclusion

The Gotrax Edge Hoverboard is an impressive blend of overall quality, ease of use, quirky features, and a low price – making it a great choice for beginners of all ages.

It boasts a battery that runs over an hour if you don’t push it too hard. You can charge it completely in 4-5 hours. Since the maximum weight is about 220 pounds, it is also a viable option for adults.

The Edge excels in short and fun trips in areas without too much bumpy terrain. It is fairly lightweight and easy to use for kids just getting started.

With its UL 2272 Rating Certification, you don’t have to worry about the hoverboard’s batteries overheating. This hoverboard is the perfect gift for parents who want to offer their kids an avenue to enjoy some outdoor fun.

Self-Balancing Technology
Unique and Vibrant LED Lights
400W Electric Motors
Low Price
Excellent Safety
Limited Range
Limited Speed
Solid Rubber Tires

GoTrax Edge Hoverboard: Full Specifications

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