GoTrax G4 Electric Scooter Review

Electric Mobility Guide Review

Gotrax G4

  • 499.99$
  • Very decent range, especially in this price category
  • Lightweight & easily foldable for maximum portability
  • Large tires
  • Solid speed (20 mph)
  • No spring suspension system
  • Average acceleration
  • Top Speed: 20 mph
  • Range: 25 miles
  • 0-15 mph: 6.0 seconds
  • Weight: 36 lbs
  • Payload: 220 lbs
  • Tires: 10″ pneumatic

Gotrax is an industry-leading electric scooter manufacturer dedicated to giving riders a joyful riding experience. The latest inclusion to the Gotrax brand is the well-rounded G4 e-scooter, which we deem to be the best Gotrax model so far.

The new G4 model is an entry-level electric scooter that delivers remarkable specs for a low price, with quirky security features, best-in-class top speed, and comfortable 10-inch tires.

Overall, the G4 offers great performance typically not seen in similarly priced competitors. Hence it is one of the best lightweight electric scooters available.

This Gotrax G4 Electric Scooter review will analyze all its key features and specifications.

Performance – GoTrax G4

Top Speed

The Gotrax G4 elevates your commuter experience with a top speed of 20 mph.

Gotrax G4 Top Speed

This is an improvement from earlier budget commuter class Gotrax e-scooters. With the G4, you get similar top speeds as higher-priced models, but for a much lower price tag.

Additionally, the large tires on the e-scooter really allow you to ride at top speed absolutely confidently.


The 350 Watt Motor on the GoTrax G4 scooter provides high torque for competent performance while maintaining low power consumption.

Although the scooter requires kick-starting, it accelerates really quickly – multiple riding tests across the internet averaged an acceleration of 0-15mph in 6 seconds and 0-20 mph in 10 seconds.

Gotrax G4 Acceleration

However, kick-starting the G4 scooter requires you to build momentum by pushing it to around 3 mph, then pressing the throttle for the motor to power and accelerate.

Nonetheless, practice makes perfect. It will be a slow start hacking how the throttle operates, especially if you are a new rider. However, once you master the throttle, you will be thrilled by the overall performance of this standout budget commuter.

Hill Climbing

The Gotrax G4 is a capable hill climber. Its high performance and light design allow it to handle inclinations of up to 15 degrees.

Gotrax G4 Hill Climbing


This budget e-scooter comes with a maximum range of 25 miles per single charge.

Compared to its predecessors in the Gotrax brand (the GXL V2 and XR Elite), the G4 impresses with its range performance.

The battery life and total mileage covered are clearly indicated on the handlebar display.

Ordinarily, budget scooters offer lackluster performance as a counter to value for money…

But not the G4. You get peak performance at a fraction of the price.

The battery built into this scooter to provide such great range is a 10.4 Ah lithium battery, which allows you to ride more while charging less.

The battery charges quickly, taking approx. 4 to 5 hours to full charge, which means it will be ready for your commute from work.

However, to ensure the G4 battery discharges slowly, you should not exceed the 15-degree inclination and 220 lbs user weight capacity.

Braking & Safety

The Gotrax G4 comes with a powerful regenerative braking system that combines a rear disc brake and an electronic brake.

Both the disc and electronic brakes on this e-scooter are activated using a hand lever.

Even at full speed, the e-scooters dual braking system ensures you don’t have to deal with a longer stopping distance.

Gotrax G4 Braking

Additionally, GoTrax has improved the electric scooter lighting system – both at the front and the rear end.

Whether you ride during the day or at night, your safety is assured because you are visible to other road users. The LED headlight on this electronic scooter is bright enough, allowing you to comfortably ride in the dark.

The G4 also offers advanced digital locking that protects against theft when you park or store your ride.

Ride Quality – GoTrax G4

Compared to previous Gotrax models, the G4 offers an even more comfortable ride, especially for a budget scooter.

For instance, the Gotrax G4 comes with upgraded 10-inch shock-absorbing tires, a new G-Series body design with adequate standing room, a rubberized deck for improved stability, and above mentioned dual braking system for safe riding even at top speeds.

The new digital display on the G4 is programmed to work with an ignition code, which is a novelty for budget scooters and very convenient. Most scooters in its class come with mobile app locking or key-lock ignition.

During long journeys, the cruise control conveniently kicks in when riding the GoTrax G4, greatly increasing your comfort.

Design – GoTrax G4

GoTrax G4 Design

In terms of visual appearance and structure, the GoTrax G4 resembles a great mix of aesthetic and functional design.

What looks quite awesome are the huge wheels. Those are always a visual plus.

Also, the trademark “GOTRAX” lettering on the side of the handlebar stem, highlighted in white, looks very nice.

An aesthetic downer, from our subjective perspective, are the hooks for the click-in folding mechanism.

Portability, Weight & Dimensions

The GoTrax G4 e-scooter weighs in at 36lbs, making it extremely lightweight. It stands tall with a dimension of 43″ x 18″ x 47″. When folded, it only measures 45″ x 19″ x 20″.

GoTrax G4 Folded

The one-touch folding system makes the scooter convenient to store. The folding mechanism of this electronic scooter is simple enough for you to fold the scooter without putting in too much effort.

Feature Deep Dive – GoTrax G4


The GoTrax comes with a bigger 36 V 10.4 Ah lithium-ion battery in order to offer increased range while supporting the larger tires and motor. GoTrax supplements the new scooter with a set of chargers ensuring you don’t run out of power during your commute.

Charging time for the battery ranges between 4 to 5 hours and you can cover up to 25 miles on a single full charge.


GoTrax G4 Motor

The 350 Watt Motor on the GoTrax G4 scooter is the biggest and strongest, compared to those of other GoTrax models.

This upgraded motor gives the G4 a high torque and allows it to reach speeds of up to 20 mph without producing too much noise.

A stronger motor also increases the maximum distance to be covered, provided you don’t exceed the max user weight of 220 lbs.


This e-scooter comes fitted with 10″ pneumatic tires – an improvement by the GoTrax brand.

These larger wheels ensure the scooter handles well even on poor road conditions for the rider’s comfort.

Large wheels are really a game changer in electric scooters, we cannot emphasize this enough!

However, just like any other air-filled tire, getting flats is a risk, especially with the rear wheel, which bears the brunt of the rider’s weight.


GoTrax G4 Cockpit

The G4 has conveniently placed the brake lever and the thumb throttle on the handlebar making it easy to speed up or stop during the commute.

Additionally, you will find a large LED display centered between the handlebars, making it easy to read. It displays the current speed as well as the battery charge left.


This e-scooter comes with a handlebar measuring 40″ tall, making it perfect for riders of varying heights.

The handlebar is equipped with sharply textured grips similar to those of other GoTrax models.


This Gotrax e-scooter comes with a bright LED headlight mounted on the front of the handlebar and a fender-mounted taillight.

The strategic positioning of the lights ensures you ride the G4 safely knowing you are visible to other road users.


Although the deck measures 42.3″ x 17.9″ x 47.4″ inches, it’s slightly shorter than previous Gotrax models. However, despite the 3. 8-inch difference, the G4 provides adequate standing room for a comfortable ride. The deck comes in a brilliant rubberized black color.

Attached to the deck is the kickstand, which is easy to use and very convenient for charging or parking.

Weight Capacity

This G4 scooter weighs 36 lbs with a maximum rider support weight of 220 lbs.

The scooter’s use of aluminum makes it potent to carry a lot of weight without weighing much itself or experiencing a decrease in performance.


The G4 comes equipped with an IP54 water resistance rating and improvement from the IPX4 water resistance by similar in-class e-scooters.

This ensures the ride is protected from water splashes or raindrops when riding.

GoTrax G4: Review Conclusion

All in all, after an in-depth GoTrax G4 review, this budget ride earns its spot as one of the best picks for commuters.

This is because the G4 e-scooter has impressed with a top notch battery capacity, top speeds of 20 mph, as well as large 10″ pneumatic tires for comfort when commuting.

Additionally, it comes with an easy to fold and lift mechanism and a modern dual braking system. Even if you are an experienced rider, you will find the G4 quite an excellent ride offering a lot of value for money.

Easy Folding Mechanism
Big 10″ Tires
Smart LED Display with Digital Lock
Dual Braking System
Solid Speed (20 mph)
Battery Capacity among best-in-class
No Spring Suspensions
Average Acceleration

Full Specifications: GoTrax G4

Thank you for reading this GoTrax G4 Electric Scooter Review all the way to the end! See you in the next review.

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