Razor E100 Electric Scooter Review

  • 499.98$
  • High-torque motor
  • Extremely safe, perfect for children
  • Very easy to use, familiar handlebar design
  • Kick-to-start safety feature
  • Chain-driven motor requires maintenance
  • Handlebar not adjustable in height
  • Top Speed: 10 mph
  • Range: 5 miles
  • 0-15 mph: N/A
  • Weight: 26 lbs
  • Payload: 120 lbs
  • Tires: 8″

Finding the perfect electric scooter for your child can be a daunting task – with so many amazing choices in the market, all competing for your nod. This review aims to give you all the essentials on the Razor E100 electric scooter, and why it could be that great find you’re looking for.

The Razor E100 is, according to our view at Electric Mobility Guide, actually the best electric scooter for kids, and hence earned a spot in our ranking of the best electric scooters of 2021.

Firstly, the Razor E100 is made by the brand that started it all. As a trusted name in the market for decades, this multi-awarded company has sold over 34 million scooters across the globe, with almost half of them being electric.

In keeping up with Razor’s quality standards, the Razor E100 ticks all the boxes – from safety, performance and durability, to comfort, and cost-efficiency, without compromising style.

Proof of this is being selected by the Parent’s Choice Foundation as recipient of the much-coveted Parents Choice Award.

Read on for an in depth review of what makes the Razor E100 a probable fit for your child.

Performance – Razor E100

Top Speed

The Razor E100 is packaged as a safe beginner’s electric scooter for children who have had enough fun riding their kick scooter.

Thus, its speed comes up to only 10 mph at max. This is a win-win. 10 mph is relatively on the low side compared with other scooters topping at 18mph.

It is no doubt a very safe speed for young children to be at, and yet still get a thrill out of cruising while parents look on with ease.


The kick-to-start mechanism is a safety feature kids may find cool, and very helpful, particularly those who are new to riding.

Razor E100 Throttle

All they have to do is step on the foot deck, kick-off, ride and cruise to about 3 mph to engage the motor. From there, they can accelerate to enjoy cruising at a safe speed, whether at parks, your neighborhood, or any place where kids are sure to be around.

It gives them ample time to adjust and get into the ride nice and slow. Hence, no more worries over jolting and falling off.

Hill Climbing

Powered by a 100-watt high torque chain driven motor, the Razor E100 is capable of navigating slight inclines, if need be.


Note that, at full capacity, the Razor E100 can go up to 40 minutes of uninterrupted cruising. This translates to a distance of about five miles.

Braking & Safety

Razor E100 Brake

As for the efficiency of the brake system, it helps that this model uses a front air tire. It helps to steady the ride over bumps and challenging road conditions. The front brake design works wonders too as it is common knowledge that front brakes deliver more stopping power than rear ones.

Nobody gets how kids think like Razor does. It is such a clever idea to give the Razor E100 a touch of simplicity. Its handle bar mimics that of a bicycle – its left hand and right hand grip are rubberized with a simple hand-operated brake sitting on the left hand. The twist grip throttle for acceleration on the right hand looks very basic as well. Don’t kids play safer when they are around familiar things?

Ride Quality – Razor E100

With an 8-inch pneumatic front tire giving the Razor E100 some shock resistance, supported by an an all-steel frame and fork design, expect your child to tackle bumpy roads with ease. If he can be confident to do so, then you have just succeeded in introducing him to the power of the pause — from gadgets, that is.

Design – Razor E100

The Razor E100’s look may not be every child’s dream but is sure is among the top favorites. Visually, it comes across as uncomplicated slash kid-friendly.

Razor E100 Design

So, yes, it ticks the box too when it comes to style. Isn’t simplicity timeless?

Its deck and frame are just the size kids would love – sturdy and comfortable – built to last countless hours of fun. Its twist grip throttle and hand-operated brake are nothing fancy – very basic and not intimidating at all.

They will also love that the handle bar grips are equipped with bumpers on both ends so their hands don’t slip off too easily.

Did I mention that, just like ice cream, it comes in great colors too?

Portability, Weight & Dimensions

Good news: The Razor E100 is among the lightest in its range, weighing only 26 pounds. In combination with a dimension of 33.1″x16.1″x35.7″, this makes it ultra-portable.

Your child will have no problem to bring it outside for play, and you could carry it next to your bag of groceries without much trouble.

Feature Deep Dive – Razor E100


Razor E100 Battery

Initially charging up its durable 24V sealed-lead-acid batteries takes about 12 hours. From then on, recharging time only takes 8 hours.

A note of caution though – never leave it charging unattended, to avoid frying the system.


Behind the steady power of the Razor E100 is a 100 watt, of high-torque chain-driven motor. This ultra-quiet power core is known to present less troubleshooting issues.

Razor E100 Motor

Occasionally, the only problem you may have which is very fixable is its chain getting off track. With a couple of tries though, you can figure putting it back on easily.

Also, check the chain for regular oiling to keep the motor quiet.


Razor E100 Frontwheel

It’s the pneumatic front tire that makes the Razor E100 distinctive in its range. Although the urethane back wheel does not do much for the ride, the front air tire gives it the shock resistance it needs.


The handlebars are non-adjustable unless you use a wrench. This may be an advantage. For most parents, moving parts do not really spell safety for young children. Also, as mentioned above, simple is more appealing to kids. There is power in recall. Having kids associate something they love or is familiar with is key to them embracing something new. The simple handlebars — aside from offering them safety with its rubber slip resistant grips and bumps on both ends — now offer pleasant companionship because of being closely associated with their bike, a thing they love. Now, the grip twist throttle and everything else about the scooter looks rather easy to handle from a beginners point of view.


The Razor E100’s deck is long and wide enough for ample support and stability at 21″x7″. Since it houses the motor and battery, kids need to be very careful, avoiding sharp turns so as not to crash the deck on sidewalks.

Razor E100 Deck

Weight Capacity

This electric scooter for kids of age 8+ can take a maximum load of 120 pounds.


Being an introductory scooter for kids and as a Razor product, it can withstand normal wear and tear.

Awards – Razor E100

The Razor E100 is a Parent’s Choice awardee.

Razor E100: Review Conclusion

All in all, the Razor E100 does tick all the boxes.

Its simple design works to its advantage – offering more for less.

Top speed at a safe 10 mph, comfortable kid-sized frame and deck, simple handlebar design, basic hand-operated brake and twist grip throttle, etc. I guess you get the picture.

The Razor E100 offers safety, comfort, durability, cost-efficiency by its simplicity – because with kids, simple is the new stylish.

More kids prefer the Razor E100 than any other electric scooter in its range because it’s something they get, like their favorite bicycle. They may be new to the whole scooter scene but the simplicity of this ride puts them at ease, confident even, because they know that with such a timeless design, they are sure to have the best of times.

10 mph Top Speed
Familiar Handlebar Design
Kid-sized Deck and Frame
Easy-to-use hand-operated Brake
Simple twist-grip Throttle
8″ Pneumatic Tires
Kick-to-Start Safety Feature
Too small for most Adults

Thank you for reading this Razor E100 Electric Scooter Review all the way to the end! See you in the next review.

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