Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Review

Electric Mobility Guide Review

Xiaomi M365

  • 450.00$
  • Proven to be adequate for urban areas
  • Trend-setting minimalist design
  • Large wheels
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Average performance & range
  • Slow acceleration
  • Better options in this price range available
  • Top Speed: 16 mph
  • Range: 18 miles
  • 0-15 mph: 6.1 seconds
  • Weight: 27.5 lbs
  • Payload: 220 lbs
  • Tires: 8.5″

The Xiaomi M365 is among the best electric scooters made for everybody and THE MOST POPULAR ELECTRIC SCOOTER EVER. This is because many large scooter sharing services, such as Bird or Lime, employ tens of thousands of Xiaomi M365 models. This electric scooter review teaches you why this model is so popular.

Note: Since 2020, the Xiaomi Mi 1S replaces the most famous scooter on the planet, the Xiaomi M365. The new version is almost completely similar, with a few upgrades that we highlight in this review.

For instance, Xiaomi has upgraded the motor to have a greater maximum power output than in previous versions.

Within the brand, it acts as a “mid-range” electric scooter, right between the Xiaomi “Essential” and “Pro” models.

Xiaomi M365 Performance

Top Speed

The top speed of this electric scooter is 16mph. It might not seem much but it is slightly above the average top speed of e-scooters which comes out to be 15mph.

Xiaomi M365 Top Speed

The Xiaomi M365 has three riding modes labelled eco or energy-saving, normal and sports. You can only reach the top speed in sports mode. Eco mode is the slowest riding mode but provides the greatest range.


The Xiaomi M365 accelerates from zero to max. speed within 6.1 seconds.

Xiaomi M365 Acceleration

The Xiaomi M365 does not have a zero-start mode installed. Zero start means the motor starts and engages as soon as you activate the throttle without the need to actually propel it manually in the beginning.

Instead the M365 is a kick-to-start scooter, which means that you must kick start and get it to about 3mph before the throttle will start and engage the motor.

This feature is useful as it stops the scooter from accidentally running forward if you press the throttle while standing perfectly still.

This kick-to-start mode can be a problem when you want to accelerate right after stopping at a signal or when trying to climb a sloppy area. You simply need to get used to not having the initial surge of power that zero start scooters provide.

Hill Climbing

According to Xiaomi, the M365 scooter can easily go up a slope with incline angle of 14 degrees. This is below industry average, but still enough, considering the fact that the scooter itself weighs 27.5 lbs and can carry significant weight with it uphill.

Xiaomi M365 Hill Climbing Visual


The documented range on a single charge is 18 miles. As an average rider travels about 5 miles a day, this range is more than enough to cover for your daily commute.

Braking & Safety

Xiaomi M365 Disk Brake

This new electric scooter from Xiaomi uses a dual braking system. The front wheel is equipped with an E-ABS anti-lock system, while the rear wheel has a 120 mm brake disc.

The front brakes are regenerative which means they charge the battery with the energy that is used for braking.

This might not be much, but it does add an extra mile.

Xiaomi M365 Regenerative Braking

Together, they provide an effective braking system. Even in the highly improbable case one of the brakes should fail, you still have the other one bringing you to a safe halt.

Even when you apply brakes at full speed, the scooter comes to a stop within 2 seconds. This is an important safety feature.

Braking on this scooter is really efficient with nearly zero drag.

Xiaomi M365 Braking

Xiaomi M365 – Ride Quality

The pneumatic tires installed in the new Xiaomi 1S scooter absorb small bumps and obstacles and prevent any discomfort to the rider. Compared to the old Xiaomi M365, these are the next generation, which makes them more resistant to puncture. Although there is no suspension, the excellent tires make up for its absence to a large extent.

The three modes of driving have different top speeds. Usually, the slower the driving mode, the more comfortable the ride, because you will not be speeding over uneven grounds. Also, going slow you can better enjoy the scenes around you or zip in and out of busy traffic. You can adjust them as you want for a comfortable ride to and from your destination.

Therefore, Eco-mode enables you to ride the scooter at a steady speed of below 9.3mph. Normal or drive mode gets you up to top speeds of 12.5mph, while the sports mode is what allows you to get to the absolute top speed of 16mph.

As said above, the slower, the more comfortable the ride.

Adding to your comfort, the motor is really quiet and makes absolutely no noise. Most of the times you will have to alert the unsuspecting pedestrians by bell as the motor is too silent to be heard even at close ranges.

Xiaomi M365 Design

This design has won several awards, such as the renowned Red Dot Design Award and the iF Design Award.

Apart from that, I guess pictures will tell you more than a thousand words:

Xiaomi M365 Design

In terms of visual appeal, the Xiaomi M365 is ahead of most other e-scooters. The overall design looks pretty modern and with sleek finish.

The sleekness is underlined by the aviation-grade aluminum alloy body. It comes in a fantastic looking matte black or white color with dual LED lights.

Weight, Dimensions & Portability

Size42.5 x 17 x 44.8
Size folded42.5 x 17 x 8.3
Payloadmax. 220lbs
Xiaomi M365 Portability

At 27.5lbs , the Xiaomi M365 is a bit lighter than other e-scooters. You could carry it for shorter distances but still not up a tall building or over longer distances without braking a sweat.

Folding the scooter is super easy.

To correctly fold the e-scooter, slide the release securing the latch on the steerer tube, and then pull down the latch until the steerer tube starts to fold. Then, secure it in place by attaching the lever on the bell to the obvious protrusion on the rear mudguard.

To sum it up, it’s simple enough to do without even referring to the user manual and you can easily fold or unfold the e-scooter in under five seconds once you get used to it.

Xiaomi M365 Feature Deep Dive


The 42V lithium-ion rechargeable battery in the Xiaomi M365 is nothing too fancy.

The time to reach a complete charge starting from empty is 5 hours. This is longer than industry standard for a battery of this size, which is a disadvantage of this electric scooter, especially for those having to recharge quickly.

Xiaomi M365 Battery

As illustrated here, the battery is ready to absorb kinetic energy through regenerative braking.


This electric scooter comes with an integrated brushless DC motor that has a rated power of 250W and instantaneous maximum power output of 500W.


8.5 inch, pneumatic tires make sure to absorb the impact of any small bumps and gaps in the road or path without conceding the comfort of the rider.

Xiaomi M365 Front Wheel

The official Xiaomi leaflets do not say anything about the inner tubes so we can assume they are the same as the ones in M365. These factory installed tubes are often predisposed to frequent punctures which you might need to look out for.

This is a disadvantage compared to, for example, Segway Ninebot’s “flat-free” dual-density tires.

But Xiaomi has claimed that their new range of scooters (Essential, 1S and Pro 2) have “new generation tires which are far less likely to get punctured”. 


Among the changes introduced to this model, the biggest upgrade is the introduction of a visual interactive dashboard.

It supports self-testing and analysis of the scooter’s condition, and if there is a defect, the “repair” icon will automatically light up in the display. Just like in your car!

Xiaomi M365 Cockpit

While you drive, real-time information such as speed, driving mode, battery charge etc. is readily available at a quick glance of the eye.

You can all driving operations with a single button using minimalist operating logic that makes everything really simple and easy to operate.

You just have to memorize how many times to press the button for which operation – or just learn by doing.


The handlebars of the Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter are steady and have a textured appearance to increase overall grip.

They are made of the same aviation-level alloy that is used to build the general frame of the scooter.

Along with increasing the stability of the ride, they allow a number of functions to be performed seamlessly.

The throttle is in close vicinity to your thumb.

The M365 also has a nice bell which helps alert the pedestrians of the approaching machine.


Now we will take a look at the lights of the Xiaomi 1S electric scooter.

It comes with built-in powerful LED front- and taillights.

The front light is powerful enough for people to complain about it for being too bright, so it does its function well.

Xiaomi M365 Front Light

It is located at the top of the handlebar stem, in the middle between your hands while you are driving.

This superior position guarantees a maximum radius of illumination before you.

Reflectors of the Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter

The taillight flashes when you apply the brakes, so it acts as brake light too.

Additionally, you will find light reflectors all over the electric scooter.


As the scooter has been built to be lightweight so that the portability is maximized, the deck is a rather small one.

It offers comfortable room for the front foot, while the back foot has to be slightly tilted.

The resulting slightly twisted stance is the most comfortable one to ride an electric scooter anyways.

It also makes taking turns much easier and safer, using a mixture of naturally leaning the body in the corresponding direction and subtle handlebar movements. It feels quite normal after a few minutes.

A feet side by side stance would probably the most comfortable, you know, the one you use when waiting for the pedestrian traffic light to turn green. However, that would make the overall package much larger and heavier, meaning less portable and more expensive.

Weight Capacity

Being rather heavy itself, this scooter can withhold significant weight over a long distance. The maximum weight it can carry is around 100 kg.


The Xiaomi M365 electric scooter has an IP54 water resistance rating, which means that submerging it into water will void your two-year warranty that comes along with it.

That being said, it can withstand drizzling conditions and light to normal rain that might arise without being expected.

After riding through heavy rain, you should totally inspect if your electric scooter managed to stay sealed.

Xiaomi M365 Smartphone App Connectivity

Xiaomi M365 Smartphone App

You can connect to your scooter through the Xiaomi Home App that is available both for Android and iOS.

As soon as you pair the app with your e-scooter, you’ll see a Bluetooth icon on your cockpit display, and the app will automatically update its firmware to the latest available.

The app’s main screen on the smartphone displays your riding mode, speed, battery level as a percentage, your average speed and current trip mileage.

It also gives you the option to lock the motor on your Xiaomi M365 which comes in handy if you have to leave it unattended.

The app also lets you choose when to activate the cruise control and other functions that include keeping your taillight on all the time or changing the units of measurement on your scooter’s display from mph to km/h and vice versa.

Xiaomi M365: Review Conclusion

The Xiaomi M365 is a fantastic electric scooter for those thinking about replacing public transport or even a bicycle with something that is smaller, more convenient and easier to store in a flat or office. It offers a great combination of performance, durability and comfort at a price that won’t get you thinking. This is why it made the list of EMG’s best electric scooters, you should check it out! There are some smaller downsides, but they are heavily outweighed by the upsides this Xiaomi M365 electric scooter provides. The value for money of this product is outstanding!

Low Price
Pneumatic Tires
Elegant Display
Award-winning Design
Stable, Comfortable & Light
Cruise Control
Regenerative Brakes
No Suspension System
Relatively Low Performance
No Zero Start Mode

Xiaomi M365: Full Specifications

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