Zero 10X Electric Scooter Review

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Zero 10X Electric Scooter

  • 1699.00 $
  • Crazy Top Speed & Acceleration
  • Extensive Range & Off-Road Performance
  • 30% Hill Climbing Capability
  • A1 Build Quality
  • Superb Suspension System
  • Quite heavy
  • Lighting System needs Upgrade
  • Long Charging Time
  • Considerable Price Tag
  • Top Speed: 40 mph
  • Range: 35-40 miles
  • 0-15 mph: 4.3 seconds
  • Weight: 80 lbs
  • Payload: 330 lbs
  • Tires: 10″ pneumatic

The Zero 10x Electric Scooter is one of the most popular models in the high-performance class, being a total powerhouse of an electric scooter. Its dual motors accelerate it up to a record-breaking 40mph, making it one of the fastest models for on- and off-road riding.

It also includes duo suspensions for making cool jumps and has integrated shock absorbers in the front steering column.

Through these suspensions together with large pneumatic wheels and front and rear disc brakes the Zero 10X allows for great ride comfort, traction and rolling efficiency.

It also offers an outstandingly long battery life, which allows for a range of up to 40 miles.

With its 2000W motors, the 10X outperforms other electric scooters of similar sizes in its price range like the popular Segway Ninebot ES4.

In this review and buying guide, we will help you with any information you need for your purchase decision of the Zero 10X electric scooter.

Performance – Zero 10X

Top Speed

Get blown away (by the wind), the Zero 10X Electric Scooter can reach a top speed of up to 40mph!

Zero 10X Top Speed

This takes it up amongst the fastest scooters in the market and is the fastest scooter for off-road and hill-climbing.

This is obviously not an entry-level scooter considering the speed. The Zero 10X Electric scooter will take you through and outside the city in record time.


All the Zero 10X versions have incredible acceleration thanks to the dual motors and are absolute savages.

Zero 10X Acceleration

The 18Ah version can reach 15mph in 4.3s, the 23Ah version can reach the same speed in only 3.6s, and the 21Ah version in 2.6s.

This may feel even better than Tesla’s Ludicrous Mode!

If you are into torque, this scooter really packs a ton. You can accelerate through both wheels from a standstill and even while cruising at even speed. It pushes you forward immediately.

With all this, we think it’s safe to say that the Zero 10x has enough power to kill off any competition.

You also have the ability to engage single or both motors, a single motor will have less acceleration but save battery charge while the dual motor is much faster and really fun for off-road trips.

Hill Climbing

The Zero 10X scooter beats almost all other scooters in every category including this one. It is better in hill climbing than any other electric scooter, except for the the reigning champion, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11.

Zero 10X Hill Climbing

All versions of the 10X perform well on an inclined plane. The 18Ah and 23Ah version can climb a 200ft hill in 8.8s at an average speed of 18mph.

You see? The Zero 10X not only climbs steep hills, it actually paces to their top!


The range of the Zero 10X is quite impressive; it goes 35-40 miles on a single charge. We don’t think you need more range for neither a joyride nor commute.

You can switch between eco and turbo mode on your scooter. Riding in eco mode will extend the battery life by 2x that of turbo mode.

The lower the speed mode, the further the range.

Braking & Safety

The Zero 10x Electric scooter 18Ah version has cable-activated disc brakes while the advanced 21Ah and 23Ah versions have hydraulic disc brakes with 160mm rotors.

The brakes of the 23h and 21Ah are very strong and capable of bringing this monster ride to a halt from 15mph within 12.8 ft, which is mind-boggling.

Zero 10X Braking

The hydraulic brakes are intended for experienced riders as they’re tuned very strong. Beginner drivers may have issues with the stiffness of the brakes but it goes away when you start using it.

The Zero 10X is generally built with your safety in mind. The wheels are 3 inches wide for balance. The scooter also has a 25Ah speed controller with heat sinks that dissipate heat to reduce malfunctions.

Since it can go at such a high speed, it’s important to wear a helmet and protective gear when riding.

Ride Quality – Zero 10X

The ride quality of the Zero 10X electric scooter is quite excellent.

Zero 10X Suspension
Zero 10X Suspension

The dual spring suspensions help ride trails without a problem and the massive tires allow for rolling efficiency.

The shock absorbers soak up any rough terrain, so potholes, road debris, and trash can’t throw the 10X off balance.

Our favorite thing about the 10X are the front and rear spring hydraulic suspensions which allow it to travel through the bumpiest roads.

Zero has also gotten rid of annoyances like stem noise and wobble in this 10X version.

With dual brakes, serious speed, incredible range, and long battery life, the 10X is evolving along with the rider’s needs.

And although it’s hefty, it is surprisingly quiet even at high speeds.

Design – Zero 10X

Zero 10X Design

Visually, the Zero 10X Electric Scooter looks like what it truly is – a beast!

Virtually every part is made from metal and it just looks powerful and solid.

The first thing you’ll notice is how much bigger the 10X is in comparison with other e-scooters.

What also makes the Zero 10X really distinguishable from other electric scooters on a first glance are the wheels, which look slightly disintegrated from the rest of the body due to the massive suspensions.

This makes the scooter deck look (and work) like a little trampoline.

Also visually interesting is the handlebar, which looks very similar to that of a mountain bike.

In its middle, there is a round QS-S4 LCD throttle screen that displays speed, odometer, riding mode, and battery life.

Portability, Weight & Dimensions

As mentioned above, the Zero 10X is quite huge. It has dimensions of 50” x 27” x 20”.

No wonder, with all the power it brings along!

Zero 10X Folded Portability

Even though this electric scooter is foldable, it’s still quite big, and really heavy, coming at 80lbs.

You can’t exactly throw it in the back of an Uber or a truck and we don’t recommend carrying it up the stairs either.

It’s better on your first floor or in a parking space.

Feature Deep Dive – Zero 10X


The Zero 10X Electric Scooter has different versions based on battery capacity. The generic brand has a capacity of 936Wh, the LG brand has a capacity of 1248Wh, and the Samsung brand has a capacity of 1260Wh.

Most importantly, all batteries are extremely reliable and have long lifespan, as they were produced following the ISO highest manufacturing standards.

Comparing it to the Segway Ninebot ES4 that has a capacity of 374Wh, the Zero 10X battery is way better for all versions.

Though like every great thing, the battery comes with a downside – it takes a whole 10 hours to charge, while e.g. the Segway Ninebot ES4 takes 7 hours.

But the 10X makes up for this in its incredible speed, range, and amazing off-road riding capabilities. What else can you ask for with this scooter?


Seeing what the Zero 10X can do, it’s no surprise that it has super powerful motors as well. It has brushless DC dual 1000W motors on the front and rear wheels giving it a nominal power of 2000 watts and a peak outpour of 3200W.

This is insane!!

Again, this makes it the best (or second best) scooter for off-roading and hill climbing.

If you have a thing for speed, the Zero 10X is good for you because with a great motor comes great speed.


With monstrous 10 x 3” air-filled tires that give the Zero 10X Scooter a good bounce, balance, and great ride quality especially when accelerating, the 10X electric scooter cuts out all other competing scooters.

Zero 10X Front Wheel

The wheels are split rim, making it easier to swap out the inner tubes if you want to change or you have a flat.

At speed, the tires soak up imperfections on the road or off it which separates it from other scooters. They’ll give you the confidence to push this scooter to its limits because you know supple rubber is keeping you pinned to the ground.


The cockpit of the Zero 10X electric scooter is simple, functional, and well-designed.

The QS-S4 LCD throttle display is placed right in front of your nose, displaying speed, odometer, riding mode, and battery life.

Zero 10X Cockpit Display

Here, you can also control the performance features using the P-setting. The trigger throttle control is index finger-operated and attached to the display.

Though it’s a bit uncomfortable for long rides, it’s really up to your preference. You can install a thumb throttle if you prefer, since it comes with plug-and-play cabling.

This allows you to repair or upgrade electronic components.

It also has space for an alarm which is an optional accessory that requires soldering, so you should ask for an alarm before buying from a retailer.

The dual disc brakes are controlled by thick, mechanical hand levers that are sturdy. On the left side of the handlebars are push buttons that control dual and single motors and eco and turbo power modes.

The Zero 10X scooter also comes with a key-start ignition that allows you to start it like a car.


The latest 2020 Zero 10X (21Ah) has standard curved handlebars like those on a mountain bike. They are wide at 27-inches and make for excellent steering control.

The handlebar stem is fixed, not telescoping, and results in a deck-to-handlebar height of 40.3 inches.

The grips have been changed from the 18Ah version and are more ergonomic and fatter, making them easier to hold. The grips are firm and provide excellent hand support.

The handlebar stem plus handlebar can be upgraded to a folding version for an additional $65.

However, the folding handlebars are straight and make racing difficult, also with the key-start ignition and voltmeter in place, the folding handlebars might become a bit loose.


The Zero 10X Electric Scooter has front and rear lights located at the base of the scooter with two separate lights on each side.

This differentiates it from other scooters that feature the lights at the top of the stem and is a drawback, making it difficult to light farther away.

However, this is easy to fix: You could always attach an additional light.


Zero 10X Deck

One benefit of the Zero 10X being such a large scooter is a generous amount of deck space.

The Zero 10X has 19.2 inches by 9.0 inches of standing space.

The rear of the deck also has a metal fin that is sturdy enough to stand on-giving a huge person (or second rider) enough space.

Weight Capacity

The Zero 10X Electric Scooter is perfect for large riders and can handle up to 330lbs or 150kg.


The 10x is quite sturdy and can throw off anything thrown at it.

However, it has no official water resistance rating.

Zero 10X: Review Conclusion

The Zero 10X Electric Scooter is a really amazing dual-motor scooter for commuting or fun. As a joyride vehicle, the scooter has more power, speed, and range than you’ll ever need. Its sturdy build can keep it running for years across all terrains.

This electric scooter isn’t your usual electric scooter. It’s ideal for advanced riders who care about high speeds, long-range, a smooth ride and solid construction.

It’s customizable as there are many accessories you could use.

You’ll also have a huge community of serious Zero 10X riders who have developed their own mods and upgrades.

All in all, the Zero 10X Electric Scooter is a solid investment that would last for years to come and bring a lot of fun!

Crazy Top Speed and Acceleration
Extensive Range
Superb off-road Performance
30% Hill Climbing
A1 Build Quality
Amazing Suspension System
Quite Heavy
Lighting System that needs Upgrade
Long Charging Time

Zero 10X Electric Scooter: Full Specifications

Thank you for reading this Zero 10X Electric Scooter Review all the way to the end!

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